Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Piano Moving

Brianna inherited a piano a while back, and her parents have been gracious enough to hang on to it while we have been moving between cities and states for the last several years.

It's currently living on the second floor of the "carriage house" at Brianna's parents' property (something of a mother-in-law apartment above the detached garage - but very nicely finished). There is a window of opportunity this weekend during which it will be possible to access the piano and move it out of the carriage house. So, we are hiring piano movers this Saturday to get the piano from a second storey location in Colorado Springs to our family room in Denver.

We don't have an exact quote yet, but it's going to be at least several hundred dollars. That (and the mattress topper) have a significant impact on our monthly budget - I don't think we can afford to have professional painters come out this month any more.

The painters we were hoping to work with aren't returning my calls this week, so maybe this financial situation is actually a blessing in disguise.

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