Sunday, October 19, 2014

Belated Birthday Celebration

My brother-in-law turned twenty-six last month. To celebrate, I took him out for pizza and beer at his favorite alehouse.

Our interests overlap in computers, and often when we get together, we find ourselves talking about computers, networking, and (now that I have a house of my own) home automation.

Simeon started heading in the same direction I did in home automation - Z-wave wireless protocol and an OpenHAB server. When I heard over dinner that he actually had hardware installed, we finished eating early and headed back to his house. We quickly got him caught up to the point where I got stuck, then blew past that point and got a fully functioning server operating. Simeon can now turn lights on and off from his phone! (And, for a short time, I could turn his lights off and on, too!)

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