Saturday, October 11, 2014

Bountiful Baskets CO-OP

This Saturday morning, I got up early to pick up my goodies from the Co-op that I had contributed to on Monday. Tried out this CO-op last weekend when I went to Colorado Springs to visit my family while Brian painted. This time I tried the site that is close to my house... Only problem, you have to pick your food up between 7 & 7:20am!   I was a few minutes late and it wasn't a problem as there was a line in the 45 degree morning.

I gathered my fruit & veggies from the two baskets, signed for my add-ons, 5 loaves of 9-grain organic bread and granola, then toted the haul to my car. 

The fruit and vegetables are an ever changing variety and you don't know what you will get until you show up. I am amazed at how much they pack into a $15 mix!

This week:
 2 small cantaloupes
 2 Apple/Pears (never had these before)
 8 bartlett pears
 5 bananas
 7 very large limes
 5 very tiny lemons
 7 small apples
 3 avocados
 9 anaheim peppers
 2 1lb-bags of baby carrots
 3 heads of broccoli
 1 bunch of spinach
 1 head of lettuce

Let us see what I do with those Anaheim peppers to get my husband to unknowingly eat them!


  1. Wait, what??

    (pokes suspiciously at his lunch)

  2. You commented that the coconut shrimp soup was spicy... I there may be some hiding in there... :-)