Sunday, October 5, 2014

Great Room and Stairwell Painting

I'm frustrated.

In retrospect, I should have asked someone to help out this weekend, even if it was only being in the house to help me keep on task.

I'm feeling pretty burnt out on painting prep work and painting, and I really drug my feet on those tasks this weekend. And when I wasn't dragging my feet, there's so much dang square footage on that ceiling and those two-storey walls that it took forever to get results.

Well, most of the really tough stuff is done. I still have to get colored paint (well, off-white non-primer anyway) on the ceiling, and that will continue to be a huge pain. I'm using a fiberglass-and-aluminum painting rod (thanks for loaning it to me Patrick!) to do the ceiling, and it is pretty cumbersome to paint something that's over 10 feet above my head.

Anyway, I'm not done with even the priming yet, and Brianna is home. Even I can smell the primer fumes, so it must be hitting Brianna pretty hard, though she's not complaining about it to me.

I was hoping to get all the priming done, get two coats of color on the ceiling and at least one coat of wall-white on the appropriate walls this weekend.

I did the prep work and got two walls and the ceiling primed this weekend. It does not feel adequate.

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