Sunday, October 5, 2014

We have a Bidet

Just a warning: this post might wander into "too much information" territory.

I've never actually used a bidet before, but it seems like everyone who has one can't imagine going back to a standard american toilet. I have been wanting to try one for a number of years now, and a week ago a number of bidet toilet seats under the BioBidet brand popped up on at a steep discount. Brianna was game to try it out, so I ordered one. It was one of the packages that arrived on Friday.

Once Brianna got home today, I couldn't really keep painting, so I got to work on installing this in our master bathroom.

This particular model requires electrical power to heat the water stream (and heat the toilet seat, which might be nice in the winter months). The water closet in the master bathroom doesn't have a power outlet. I considered adding an outlet to the junction box that contains the switches for the light and fan, but that really wasn't a convenient location. I decided to simply route the power cord through the wall between the water closet and the master bedroom and plug it into a GFCI outlet in the master bedroom.

I then covered the hole with wall plates intended for HDMI and audio cables:

(man, I have got to replace that ugly gold TP holder).

Once I had access to power, I installed the bidet:

I got the version with the wall-mounted remote control - without it, all the controls are actually behind you while you're using the bidet.

Once I verified everything was set up correctly and nothing was leaking, I tried it out. It's an, ahem, startling experience.

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