Monday, October 27, 2014

Exercise Machine

Road construction projects have made it impossible to get from work to the gym and then home in a reasonable amount of time. And it's getting cold out when the sun goes down.

This weekend, I found a Gazelle Supra exercise machine at Goodwill for $13. Once I got it home, I found out why it was so cheap: it was missing the handles and all the electronic components.

I'm not going to bother replacing the electronic parts. I replaced the handles with two halves of a chin-up bar I've been dragging around since Texas and hardly ever used.

A little weird-looking, but it works. Drilling new bolt-holes to anchor the handles was a pain, though. My cordless drill (or at least it's out-of-production batteries) is at the end of it's life - I had to charge my last good battery twice to drill six holes through not-very-thick steel pipe. That drill has served me well, and followed me through four states, but I think a new cordless drill with new, modern batteries is at the top of my christmas list this year :-)

Anyway, I got the exercise machine working, and Brianna took a video:

That's totally my normal exercise intensity. Anyway, hopefully this thing gets more use than that old chin-up bar did.

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