Tuesday, October 28, 2014

House Appraisal Results

Wow! We got the results from the house appraisal today. According to the appraiser, our house is worth nearly fifty thousand dollars more than we paid for it eight months ago!

That means we can proceed with the refinance, drop private mortgage insurance, and feel good about how much our house is worth on paper. Our mortgage broker kinda/sorta tried to tempt us into taking some cash out of the refinance, but that would have just increased the principle on the loan. We're sticking with a no-cash-out refinance.

The appraiser did specifically note new door handles (but not the new hinges), all new light fixtures (thanks to IKEA as-is!) and "some" fresh paint throughout the house. It's nice to be appreciated, but I kinda take exception to that "some fresh paint" comment - it's been a TON of fresh paint! Buckets of it! So many of my nights and weekends! :-)


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