Saturday, November 1, 2014

Air Sealing the Attic

Brianna is in Colorado Springs today for a baby shower, so I have time to do messy and smelly house projects.

Our heating bills were over one hundred dollars in March and April (each!) this year, and the master bedroom got pretty sweltering during most of the summer. Hopefully, and four hundred dollar purchase in insulation (along with a big sweat-equity donation by Brian) will pay off in a year or two.

I air-sealed the attic this morning, in preparation to blow in insulation. I really need to practice yoga for a week or so ahead of going up the attic. I feel that being more limber would really help with maneuvering around the attic.

Well, hopefully after today, I won't need to be up in the attic again: one less reason to exercise!

I think I sealed up every hole in the ceiling drywall. I even puttied in some screw holes from figuring out the lights in the master bedroom. On the other hand, I kept thinking of more air holes to seal while I was up there, so it's entirely possible I missed one or two.

Here's some "before" pictures, before the new insulation comes in:

 I did some other prep work, primarily emptying out the closet (where the access to the attic is):

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