Friday, November 7, 2014

Great Room Touch-Up (On a Ladder!)

We are expecting visitors at the house tomorrow, so I was well motivated to finish up the painting in order finally get rid of the painter's plastic in the Great Room. I spent a good chunk of the evening touching up the walls. Brianna took a few photos of me on my versatile ladder:

Unfortunately, there was a two-foot stretch of ceiling above the stairs that I just couldn't reach with the ladder:

I wound up getting that using a pole. Much less precise than doing it by hand, but thre really wasn't another option.

And of course, I made sure I had to come back and touch up the ceiling again a few times:

I spent well over two hours doing all those edges tonight, but assuming I don't have to do a second coat of touch-up on the white, I'm nearly done! Just a couple places to touch up the ceiling, and a couple more color transitions in the other, lower-altitude part of the Great Room, and I'll be able to put the ladder and painter's plastic away!

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