Saturday, November 8, 2014


Jarred, Megan and their son Torsten came and visited us today! It was really pleasant to be able to host visitors, even though the house is still halfway to being a disaster.

Unfortunately, I'm going to have to do a second coat of white between the walls and the ceiling - the first coat didn't cut it. So the painter's plastic is still out, and I didn't get around to any painting at all today.

Megan and Jarred brought up a whole bunch of baby stuff that Torsten has out grown, and Brianna and I loved talking to them about what Torsten's first months were like.

For lunch, we visited a Mexican place in downtown Parker for the first time, and then did a little shopping before heading back home and just hanging out some more.

I've never been particularly good at just hanging out, but it was very pleasant to spend time with people our age and in a similar spot in life. I'm really looking forward to Torsten and Lincoln interacting as cousins.

Oh, yeah: Torsten loves chickens:

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