Sunday, November 2, 2014

Sunday Painting (Again)

I really wanted to get the painting done in the Great Room this weekend, and Jarred helped jump-start me yesterday. So after church and financial peace university today, I painted - and left Brianna to figure out how to deal with the smell herself.

I did the first coat of blue, and then moved on to the second coat of white, being careful not to overlap the wet paint. The first coat of blue was difficult: the sunlight came through the high window and into my eyes, resulting in a pretty patchy first coat.

Later, I was able to do the second coat of blue:

The garbage bags are finally off the ceiling fan!

So, the majority of the painting is done. There's still a ton of touch-up to do, and I haven't even done a proper first coat at the transitions between the walls and the ceiling, or the white and the blue walls yet. I'm going to wait 48 hours before propping the ladder against the freshly painted walls, but I expect to get that done some evening this week.

Oh, and this thing was freaking useless:

Don't buy one. It's a complete waste of five dollars.

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