Saturday, November 1, 2014

Brianna's New Grill

Remember that hail damage to Brianna's car? Well, when life hands Brianna lemons, she makes lemonaid. Between electing out of a few cosmetic repairs and getting referral fees for sending a bunch of coworkers to the same autobody place, Brianna actually came out ahead by several hundred dollars.

Now, Brianna has been wanting a good grill to cook on since before we got married. I have no interest in purchasing a grill at all. So, up to this point we have not gotten a grill. But now Brianna had a windfall that had nothing to do with our normal incomes or expenses. Guess what she wanted to do with the money???

Since I had transportation available to me today, I picked up Brianna's grill after we returned the insulation equipment. Home Depot made a lot of money off us today.

After we finished painting, Jarred and I assembled the grill and brought it out to the back porch.

It does look pretty good.

We have a natural gas line plumbed in at that corner of the house - the previous owners had it done. Unfortunately, I didn't have the right adapter to hook up the grill today, so I was not able to test-fire it. And yes, I made sure I picked up the natural-gas version of the grill.

Here's how I expect it to look until spring.

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