Saturday, February 21, 2015

Wall-mounting the TV

I have been working on baby-proofing the house for a while now, being comfortable in the knowledge that Link will not be crawling for a number of months yet.

I came to an unpleasant realization this week: there is already a toddler spending a lot of time in our house. Our nanny brings her two-year-old son to our house while she watches Link. Our 10-month-old nephew Torsten has also begun crawling and pulling himself up on furniture. So I skipped right past "running out of time" to "over-due" on getting things baby-proofed.

Probably the most dangerous (to toddlers) item in the house was the un-anchored TV in the basement. While it is fairly stable and would be difficult to knock over, the consequences of a 65-pound flat panel TV falling on a little kid made it the biggest risk in the house (that I can think of).

I ordered a locking wall-mount kit compatible with our TV the same night I realized this oversight (the nanny was off this past week).

Here is what the old TV setup looked like:

Today, I installed the wall-mount kit and hung the TV!

Any kid that wants to move that TV is going to need a lot of persistence and a long screwdriver.

I moved the TV to the far end of the basement because Brianna and I are thinking of installing a screen and projector there sometime later this year. This allows us to get the TV safely mounted, and to try out a different arrangement of the basement.

Of course, since I was moving things around in the basement, I organized the rest of it as well:

It's a much more open rumpus room now!

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