Sunday, April 12, 2015

More Smart Home Electrical Stuff

Brianna took Link for a drive this afternoon to get him some quality sleep, so I had the house to myself! I took the opportunity to automate the two lights in the nursery:

(old switch on the left, new switches on the right)

I also replaced the old smart-dimmer switch in the upstairs hallway that was causing the LED bulbs to flicker - the new model from GE is doing much better.

And since I had the power off, I finally got around to installing a power monitor:

Two clamps go around the main power lines coming into the house (one clamp on each line). The little white box below the circuit breaker panel monitors the amount of current flowing to the house and transmits it to the central computer. The white box itself is powered by a USB adapter I wired into the panel. Now I just have to figure out the software to read the power data.

There was already a hole knocked out of the bottom of the circuit box, which was convenient for running these wires outside the box. But I really need to plug the hole with a grommet or something - I found a dead wasp inside the panel.

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