Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Electrical Work and Two New Smart Switches

This is mostly a note to myself.

While Link was down for his naps today, I turned off the electricity to do some investigations and upgrade some switches.

In the morning, I flipped the switch for the piano pendant light right side up and replaced the wiggling, stained switch in the laundry room.

I figured out the 3-way light switches in the basement stairwell (remote switch at top of stairs) and main floor hallway (remote switch in the three-gang box <-that surprised me).

I checked out the basement light switches. Like the basement bedroom, they do not have a neutral in the box. The switches just interrupt the hot wire. This makes some sense, as the basement lights are on the same electrical circuit as the kitchen, which is directly above the basement lights. Unfortunately, this means I can't use any of the smart switches I'm familiar with to control these lights.


During the afternoon nap, I worked in the master bedroom, replacing the original switch for the shower light with a new, non-grody switch, replaced a beat-up outlet that used to be switched, and installed a smart switch for the ceiling fan.

Note to self: the ceiling fan fixture appears to have separate wire runs for the motor and the lights, even though the current fixture does not have any lights.

I also installed a smart switch for the dining room light.

Once Link was asleep for the night, I got things updated in OpenHAB and added the new lights to Alexa.

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