Sunday, October 25, 2015

Master Bedroom Electrical

Whenever Brianna is out of the house for a day or two, I take the opportunity to knock a couple items off my Electrical To-Do list (yes, I have an actual list).

This weekend, I replaced the GFCI in the master bathroom:

I also added a new outlet inside the bathroom vanity. I cut a hole hole in the cabinet and drywall to the right of the sink, and ran a cable up to tie into the GFCI above. Then I installed a junction box in the wall, and ran flexible conduit over to the left side of the cabinet for the actual outlet.

The hole under the outlet leads to the drawer where Brianna keeps her hair dryer and curling iron. I'm  going to run a power strip through that hole so the appliances can stay plugged in. And hopefully there will be less cords running all over the countertop.

I also installed a motion-sensing switch in the master closet. The light turns on as soon as you break the plane of the doorway, and stays on for two minutes after it last senses motion (the timer is adjustable).

Incidentally, that's the last switch (and the GFCI was the last outlet) to be replaced in the above-ground portion of the house. Every smoke-stained switch and outlet has been replaced with shiny new white versions (and a lot of them are smart!).

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