Sunday, October 25, 2015

Laundry Room, Continued

I painted the walls green on Saturday. Taping was a pain in the butt in a room this small. Kept bumping into the washer and dryer, and it seems there was a new corner every three feet. Oh well.

I also put fresh caulking around the entire perimeter of the floor. The old stuff was completely rotted away, and having a modicum of water-proofing seemed like a good idea for this room.

I really wanted to replace the light switch with a motion-sensing switch, but there's no neutral wire at the switch currently, and I had enough on my schedule this weekend that I didn't want to fish a new wire. I think it might be possible to do in the future, though.

I also redid the shelves. All of them are anchored to studs now, not just hanging off the drywall:

I still need to rehang the clothes rod, install a window blind, and touch up some paint. And I have some leftover crown molding from the kitchen that should be just enough to finish off the cabinets in this room, which I didn't get around to this weekend. But I think everything looks pretty decent, and it was all put back together and operational before Brianna got home. I'm going to mark it down as a success.

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