Sunday, March 27, 2016

Smart Sprinkler System - Installed

I posted about a smart sprinkler system two years ago.

Recently I found a Gen 1 Rachio Iro at Home Depot for 70% off (they were clearing stock for the Gen 2).

Here's what the old system looked like:

And here's the new one:

I haven't actually turned it on yet - the sprinklers are dry for the winter right now, and I don't want to dry-operate the valves.

When we turn the sprinklers on, I'll be able to program the sprinkler schedule from my phone, rather than that stupid dial on the old system. Supposedly the new system can also keep track of the weather, so the sprinklers don't turn on while it's raining. And finally, there's an Alexa skill to control the sprinklers via voice commands.

I'm totally going to spray Lincoln at least once during the summer months :-D


  1. Hello,

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    1. You...didn't read the post, did you.