Saturday, September 10, 2016

Patching the Driveway

Our driveway has a significant number of cracks in it. We were originally hoping to hold out until we could replace the whole driveway (maybe with a heated driveway, even!), but the cracks were getting worse, and the initial quotes were several thousand dollars for a non-heated replacement.

So I spent $17 on some patching cement and got to work.

Here's the before picture, complete with chalk drawings. I pressure-washed the driveway (borrowed the pressure washer from my father-in-law) before patching:

I did the patching over several days, first on the left half then on the right, so we could still use the driveway while the concrete cured.

I'm honestly not sure that it looks any better now than it did before. And the patches will probably pop out over a couple of winters. Maybe we can revisit the idea of replacing the driveway at that point. 

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