Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Cleaning Out the Wood/Brush Piles in the Back Yard

Ever since the snake event last month, I've been working on cleaning up the various brush piles in the back yard. The two smaller piles were fairly easy, but there was a big, messy bramble (some of it had inch-long thorns!) pile behind the shed that included a lot of timber (apparently leftovers from when the fence was constructed) rotting on the ground.

The pile has shrunk and grown over the two years we've been here, but here's a decent example of what it looked like a month ago:

Now, after a month of work, here's the results:

The loosely-rolled hog wire used to be on the chicken coop, before the HOA made us take it down.

I stacked up the non-rotted wood and threw the rest out. Not sure what I want to do with this wood, but at least it's off the ground now. I found enough bugs on this stuff when I cleaned it off that I'm not going to stash it in the garage for a good long time, if ever:

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