Sunday, January 8, 2017

New Dining Room Table

The previous owners of the house left us with their dining table, after they tried to sell it to us for $500 (if I recall correctly) and us turning them down. Presumably they weren't able to find anyone else interested in buying it.

We used it because it was free and we didn't have anything better, but we never really liked it. The chairs steadily breaking didn't help matters at all.

On Saturday, we met up with Brianna's parents at IKEA for an easy dinner while they were up in our part of the state. Afterwards, we were browsing, and came across a really cool-looking table, and Brianna's parents wound up buying it for us!

That split down the middle is evidently the current style. It is permanent and cannot be altered. I could do without that aspect of the table, but otherwise we love the look of the bare wood.

And check out the under-table!

There's no skirt or other protuberances to bang my knees on! Heaven!

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