Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Home Automation - Actually Working

I never expected Christmas lights before Thanksgiving to be the thing that actually got my home automation server running on a regular basis, but it's just too cold to operate the lights by plugging and unplugging the cord outside (like an animal). Here's the proof (bottom entry):

Since I was messing around with things, I changed an appliance plug from "Window Air Conditioner" to "Christmas Tree" in anticipation - the air conditioner is packed away for the season, but we don't actually have a Christmas tree yet.

So - the OpenHAB server is up and running on my always-on desktop. Not the original plan, but it should work. Now I have to get Brianna's iPhone configured on the system, verify I haven't opened a huge hole in my network, and then play around with OpenHAB. I should be able to make things look a LOT nicer than just a single list of every Z-wave device I own.

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