Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Working Four Days a Week

With the price of oil so low (as evidenced by low gasoline prices), the oil and gas industry is really slowing down. There's not a lot of work at the moment for Engineering Consulting firms like mine. So I volunteered to go down to 80% time (32 hours a week). I miss out on some pay, but keep all the other benefits, and I get an additional day off per week.

This whole plan happened in less than a week, but Brianna and I are actually pretty pleased about it. Lincoln is smiling and giggling these days, and just about ready to roll over, so it's a great time to get to spend more hours with him.

Tomorrow (Wednesday) is my first day off. Brianna is working from home tomorrow, so Link and I can't get up to anything too crazy (aslo: my toe still hurts), but I do have a list of things lined up to tackle already. Should be an interesting day!

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