Wednesday, June 1, 2016

New "Portable" AC unit

Our old window AC isn't working all that well anymore. We ordered a new one, and it arrived this afternoon. This evening, we got it installed.

Here's the old set up, for reference:

And here's the new unit:

Looks pretty decent. The giant ducts on the back are a bit of a downside, though:

I'm tempted to cut them to a shorter length, but that seems too "permanent" some how.

Note to self: it's a Haier 13,500BTU HPND14XCP. $359+tax from Walmart.

Edit: wow, this thing works great! It was dropping the room temp a degree every 10 minutes, where the old one dropped about a degree an hour!

Lincoln did not approve of the change. He was very verbal about it.

Edit 2: Old AC is gone. Posted on Craigslist and had it picked up that afternoon. We got two summers of use out of it, but I'm glad to see it go, now that we have the new one:

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