Saturday, June 4, 2016

Rachio Sprinkler System Up and Running

Back in March, I installed the hardware for a Rachio Smart Wifi Sprinkler Controller (Gen 1), which I had picked up on clearance as they got ready for the Gen 2. Today, I turned the sprinkler system on.

I found one leak that was an easy fix, and another leak that's going to require a shovel to even find the root problem (I'll deal with it later Edit - it's done).

It took some persistent googling, but I eventually found Parker's voluntary watering schedule:

 Addresses that end in an EVEN numberSUNDAY, TUESDAY, THURSDAY
 Addresses that end in an ODD numberMONDAY, WEDNESDAY, SATURDAY
 Multifamily, HOA and Commercial Properties MONDAY, WEDNESDAY, SATURDAY

The Rachio was pretty simple to configure, and it wasn't too much more effort to get it integrated with Alexa.

Next time Lincoln doesn't want to come indoors, it will be: "Alexa, turn on the backyard sprinklers!"

Edit: Wow, this new controller is SO much easier to configure than the old "dumb" controller!

Edit 2: we had a big rainstorm this afternoon, so Rachio skipped the watering event scheduled for tonight. Excellent!

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