Thursday, April 24, 2014

Ceiling Painted, Two Coats!

Well, the checklist on this room is coming along.

This blue paint is still wet, and will darken a bit. The walls are still white primer.

I am glad I learned from past mistakes: there is definitely some blue splatter on the walls, but this time around, the splatter will simply be covered up when I put the first coat of paint on the walls.

Brianna did some kick-ass planning on the colors. Here's the picture she showed me for how she wanted the colors in this room to look:

The contrast between the old paint on the doors and the fresh paint on the drywall is astounding.

It's a little disgusting, actually. What's the best way to paint doors? Paint them where they hang, or take them down and do it elsewhere?

Here's the morning-after shot:

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