Sunday, August 31, 2014

Workshop Electrical and Moving the WiFi Router

I spent the whole morning on this, almost four hours.

When I left the workshop last time, it looked like this:

I wound up just trashing the insulation - it's all interior walls anyway. Then I went to town cleaning up the wiring. Since I wanted to install a shelf up high for the cable modem and router, and since that vertical wire needed to be replaced so I could properly connect everything to ground again, I added a junction box up high and put in an outlet. Oh, and all the outlets below 4 feet off the ground in this room are the new tamper-resistant model now.

Once the wiring was in place and working properly, I cut some pegboard (leftover from the garage) down to size and screwed it into place. I finally got to use my shopvac to clean up all the sawdust and mess!

That chest freezer is the one we found on a trash day. After we cleaned it up, it never actually cooled down, even though it was running. Shortly after, Lily gave Brianna a new, larger chest freezer for her birthday. So for now, that old chest freezer serves as a convenient shelf, and someday when I have spare time (becuase that's certain to happen once we have a kid) I'll open it up and either try to repair it, or get a real-life, non-textbook look at how the refrigeration cycle works. (Also: it was super-heavy to carry down the stairs. I don't want to carry that thing back up the stairs in one piece).


Aaaaand after looking for a post to link to, I now realize I never wrote about the new freezer. Thank you for the working chest freezer, Lily! We are actively using it! (it's where we keep the drumsticks!)


Anyway, aside from finishing that corner of the workshop, part of the impetus for this project was to move the wifi router and cable modem out of the basement guest bedroom and into a location where the little blinky lights wouldn't bother anyone.

I thought I had a decent idea of how the coax cable network worked in this house after fixing our cable speeds. Turns out I was wrong. I spent nearly an hour (first haphazardly, and then systematically) testing which of the 12 coax cables running through the workshop actually connected to the comcast box outside the house. Turns out none of them do (I have no idea how that's possible). I finally got fed up, drilled a hole in the ceiling, and re-routed the cable outlet in the basement guest bedroom.

It's stupid, inelegant and ignorant, but it works.

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