Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Future Projects

Now that I'm (personally) done painting the house and all major purchases from IKEA have been completed, I've gotten a couple questions about what is up next for me.

The immediate answer is that my evenings have now cleared up enough to go back to the gym on a regular basis, and to help Brianna study for the PE exam (for her Professional Engineer certificate).

Beyond that, plenty remains to be done for the house.

I'm still maintaining my public to-do list. Paying professional painters to paint the two-story areas of the house is probably going to eat up all of September's house budget. After that, I want to re-insulate the garage, and potentially blow in some more insulation in the attic - hopefully in October, before it gets really cold.

I have a lot of ideas for home automation, and I'm excited to have some free time to work on them. I don't want to list them in this post, or I'll jinx myself and never get around to them.

Other projects I already have planned:
And who knows what else is going to crop up as we head into our first winter in our new house.

Oh, I've also built up a bit of a reading list over the past seven months. I'm looking forward to knocking that down a bit, too.

I do expect this website to transition from house-blog to baby-blog as I experiment on and program raise my son after he arrives in December. I'm looking into setting up the website so a visitor can see A) everything, B) just baby posts, or C) just house posts. But so far it doesn't look like Blogger supports that kind of functionality.

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